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Hendrick Farm

In addition to the Quartier Meredith in Chelsea, Exo Construction is also proud to have partnered with Landlab Inc. as an approved builder for the Hendrick Farm project.

Built with authentic and high-quality materials, the houses at Hendrick Farm are timeless and highly sought-after by buyers from all over the world.

Exo Construction was chosen as a partner thanks to its attention to detail and its commitment to building quality homes. 

EXO Construction is currently building the following models at Hendrick Farm:

  • Reid A
  • Highgate Town
  • Hudson
  • Chelbrook Single-Family Home 

Coming up -  Phase 4:

  • Reid B
  • Hartford
  • Sawmill
  • Blackburn
  • Charleston

Hendrick farm at a glance

  • Located in Chelsea, at the foot of Gatineau Park
  • 12 minutes by car from downtown Ottawa
  • Access to miles of parks and trails
  • An organic farm and on-site kiosk
  • Condos, townhouses and single-family homes
  • A multi-service village centre (coming soon)
  • A pedestrian urban development

Why choose Chelsea?

  • 12-minute drive to downtown Ottawa, via Highway 5
  • An active bilingual community
  • English and French schools
  • Subsidized child care services
  • Shops and restaurants nearby
  • Meredith Cultural and Sports Centre and arena
  • Less than 3 minutes to Gatineau Park and its lakes
  • 250 km of cross-country skiing and snowshoeing trails
  • Near 3 alpine skiing centres
  • Mountain biking, cycling, walking, canoeing and beaches
  • The renowned SPA Nordik, SPA-Nature de Chelsea


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Vue d'ensemble du quartier