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Our homes signed by Adornetto

A renowned designer of high-end homes, Mario Adornetto is a true reference for designing architectures of "palpable emotion". With this line of homes, Mario Adornetto has created a combination of different genres; "An architectural concept showcasing ancestral style punctuated by contemporary touches. The solid stone house suggests this precious ancestral link with its countryside and steel roof. The more refined structures are worked in as cubic annexes. There are expansive views of the surrounding nature to enhance well-being. It's modern, different and incomparable."

Adapted to all phases of life, our Adornette homes are available in two-storey or bungalow houses, with living areas ranging from 1181 to 2039 square feet. Additionally, these exclusive plans can be customized according to your needs.


Our homes signed by Leguë Architecture

Leguë Architecture's creations are distinguishable by their modernity, with a unique style that harmoniously combines straight and refined lines with elegant cubic shapes. Welcoming, open and bright, Leguë Architecture houses know how to impress with their incomparable character in perfect symbiosis with their environment - whether urban-based or nestled in nature.

Adapted to your needs, the Leguë models are available in two-storey or bungalow houses, with living areas catered to your needs. These plans are also customizable. Below are a few models of Leguë Architecture. To see the entire collection, visit Leguë Architecture.